The privacy policy describes the procedure and process however Accounting DEF gathers, uses and disseminates the personal information received so as to supply support services to users. Our terms and conditions clearly state that when you share any data with our technicians, you agree to our use of the data in unison with the privacy policy.

How do we tend to gather information?

Accounting DEF provides Email Solution services to shoppers by using on-line tools and package, and through telephone support of users. The tools facilitate remote access and control of user pc. Accounting DEF will access user pc solely with his/her (user) consent. To provide technical support services, we would want sure technical or personal data and permissions from the user. Other technical data could be accessed by diagnostic tools as our pcs can have access to user computer so as to supply our services.

What kind of information will we need?

Personal Information: We can want user personal data like name, Last Name, Phone No., E-mail address, Postal Address, so that we will determine the user and/or contact the user whenever needed.

Payment Information: We can need user mastercard or open-end credit data at the time of purchase of our services, to facilitate transactions online or on phone, whichever way the user chooses the group action to take place. Accounting DEF will use third party payment process and payment gateways to verify user credit or debit card data, and to process the group action.

Technical Information: Accounting DEF may raise the user for the technical data pertaining to the pc, so that we will resolve technical problems that exist or could arise in your automatic data processing system anytime throughout the service amount. This information could include:

Date of purchase of the computer

Type, make and model of pc hardware

Software put in and hardware designed

Peripherals attached to the pc

What do we use your data for?

Any information gathered from the user of our services could be utilized in any of the subsequent ways:

To process transactions: we tend to can raise user to supply his/her needed personal data that allows the user purchase our services on-line. This information is needed to verify and method transactions through payment gateways and merchandiser account.

To send e-mails: We could use the e-mail address provided by the user, at the time of purchase  and registration of our services, to send to the user the information and updates associated with the order placed.

If at all the user agrees to purchase our newsletter services, we could additionally use the e-mail address to send to user the corporate news, updates, products or service, promotional offers and other such data. Please note that the user can unsubscribe from receiving company newsletters anytime. The instructions to unsubscribe from newsletters ar mentioned in detail at the top of every such e-mail.

Use of Remote Access

Accounting DEF provides online-based Remote Access technical support, for which our technicians would wish access to and management of the subscriber (user) automatic data processing system. We United Statese package and tools that modify us take management of user pc remotely. This process of remote access to the United Stateser pc permits us determine and rectify technical issues while not having to return physically to resolve technical problems.

Accounting DEF does not access to user pc while not previous consent. We additionally request users to stay gift ahead of the pc whereas our support technicians ar fixing technical problems.

Our support technicians are completely trained to use remote access package. To avoid any event of access to the user confidential information keep on pc or electronic network, Accounting DEF ensures limited access of the technicians to the information keep on the subscriber pc or network.

Tools Used To Diagnose Technical Problems

Some useful data concerning user pc system and applications is collected by mistreatment on-line diagnostic tools. Accounting DEF uses this gathered information to analyse and solve technical issues in the user automatic data processing system. We do not collect and use any sensitive data like history of internet sites visited, e-mail messages and addresses, passwords, profiles etc.

Do we use any cookies?

Yes. Cookies are  items of Purchase data that are keep on the Consumer and user Winchester drive by the browser. Keeping a track on cookies, enable United States apprehend the user specifications and preferences. We could use cookies in order to supply you with tech support on our web-site where as you move with our technical support team. However, the user can modification the browser if he/she prefers not to store the data.

Do we record facilitate sessions?

Accounting DEF may monitor and record on-line and offline facilitate sessions between end-users and technicians to improve its services. These records will be accustomed enhance our support content, improve our services, and company internal research functions.

Log Files

Accounting DEF may use IP addresses of the subscribers of its services. It may facilitate United States in pursuit user movement, manage the website, analyze trends and collect demographic information for collective use.

Addendum of data

To ensure protection against frauds, Accounting DEF could append personal data provided by the user with the data we tend to may get from different sources. To determine believability, we could use your (user) personal name and associated data to get a credit report in unison with the laws.

How do we tend to share and disclose information?

The following discloses the data dissemination practices of Accounting DEF:

Accounting DEF may share mixture and de-identified data developed from personal data provided by the users with our business partners. We do not share any personal data that helps verify identity of a person. However, we could share data needed for mistreatment sure technical applications among our services.

Accounting DEF may share data of users with business subsidiaries and affiliates to support business functions such as sales, marketing and different operations.

Accounting DEF may share data of users with third party service suppliers for providing authorised services on our behalf to the user.

In consistent with the governing laws, Accounting DEF may additionally share data of a user to befits regulations and legal processes, applicable laws and/or to respond to lawsuits, and/or to protect the rights and property of Accounting DEF and its subsidiaries.

In the event of acquisition or merger of our substantial assets by another company, Accounting DEF may disclose and/or transfer personal data with the purchaser company. However, Accounting DEF will defend disclosed or transferred data in such transactions as per the applicable law.

Is your information passed over to others?

No. Your information is not left out to others. Accounting DEF is committed to protecting your privacy. We strictly discourage any trade of personal data of users in any means. Any information collected to offer our users technical support, will in no means be listed, rented or sold to any third party and can be solely utilized by Accounting DEF to be able to communicate with the users of our services.


We safeguard personal data and different information of our users that we tend to receive from unpermitted access, use or disclosure. We defend the data provided to United States by mistreatment numerous security technologies. However, data transmissions and physical transfer of data can’t be secured. The Data information that a USA transfers to us is subjected to security risks, particularly in the event of any Brands technical mistake.


For internal market research, Accounting DEF conducts online surveys, which request some data from our web site guests and subscribers of our services. This data could embody contact information like e-mail address and demographic details such as code and address. Survey information can be accustomed improve our services. Note: It is absolutely at the disposal of web site guests or users to or to not participate in these surveys.

This Services Not Using By Children

As per the Children on-line Privacy Act, Accounting DEF does not gather or keep any data on its web site that sells services or merchandise to anyone below the age of thirteen.

Links To External Websites

Accounting DEF may have links to different websites. We ar not answerable for the content and privacy practices of those external websites.

Can the personal data be updated or removed?

Yes. If a user wants to create any changes to the private data provided by him or her, the user can do the corrections and/or update it by work in to his/her account on our web site. If a user desires not to use our services from now on, the user may additionally take away his/her personal data through our web site.

Notification Of Changes

Accounting DEF reserves the right to form changes to privacy policy anytime. Users are requested to check our web site sporadically to bear in mind of any changes to our privacy policies. In the event of any change in our policies that will be less protecting to the private data of users or subscribers of our services, we bear the responsibility to inform them (users) previous to implementing such changes.

Privacy Policy For B2B Customers

For providing technical support and other services to business purchasers, other than the above-named privacy policies will be applicable. These policies will be detailed in writing to our business purchasers at the time of agreement.

To Unsubscribe

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